My Good Life™ is a holistic lifestyle programme that entails a total of 9 weeks x 4 hours per week of personalised health education, group activities and self-discovery exercises.

It is based on sound medical research showing that intensive lifestyle change programmes that include nutrition, exercise, stress relief within a community setting have been successful in reversing ill health. It combines current knowledge of personalised health recommendations with a strong focus on the influence of emotions and thoughts over the body’s function.

During this programme you will:

  • Discover your unique Health Type and access personalised health information such as the ideal nutrition, exercise type, biorhythms, social interactions, environment and type of work that will maximise your health.
  • Apply  the changes to your diet that will enhance the gifts of your unique physiology.
  • Discover and experiment with different types of physical exercise in the company of new friends.
  • Learn strategies and emotional management techniques to calm your mind and reduce the stress in your life .
  • Release the negative stories that keep you repeating the same behavioural patterns over and over again.
  • Develop the personal connections who will support through the journey of taking your life where you want to be.
  • To find out more, go to www.mygoodlife.co.nz

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Riverhead, Auckland

Date and time:
Starts October 17, 2018. Every Wednesday, 10am-2pm, for 9 weeks.



The My Good Life starting on October 2018 is fully booked. Go to www.mygoodlife.co.nz to register your interest for 2019.


What do people say about My Good Life™?

“I found the different body types extremely useful. I have a deeper understanding of myself and my limitations as at times being a Connector means I put myself last. Food recommendations are great. Amy has been wonderful with her knowledge, support txts, reminders and emails. I loved connecting with a great group and felt held and cared for. The MindShift sessions have been fantastic, I have had several “aha moments”. Morella is an excellent teacher and brings some wonderful models and experience to these sessions. I enjoyed all group movement sessions, with the highlight being Zumba. I also enjoyed the gym, dance and walk in the forest. This experience encouraged me to enrol in an 8 week yoga class. I have really loved the programme and feel very privileged to have attended.”   Trish

“Eye opening! Definitely some changes need to be made to my environment/food/lifestyle that make perfect sense. The MindShift sessions allowed me to see a new way of dealing with life situations and people in my life. I really enjoyed experiencing different movements and discovered that the gym/dance is something I would like to add to my life. The highlights of the programme were the people and their stories, our group connection and our dynamic presenters.” Hannah

“The Ph360 platform was good, the best part for me was how it described my personality. The group movement sessions were great, it was amazing to so all sorts of different exercises. The highlights of the programme were the group vibe, learning about gratitude and listening to everyone’s stories because I could pick up so many useful tips from it”. Fran

“I have enjoyed this course from day 1. Great group of people and brought me out of my comfort zone. Ph360 brought me clarity as to what percentage of veggies I am meant to have in my diet. The platform is very easy to follow and informative. The MindShift sessions made me realise I have the ability to change and that I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my family who are without a doubt the best and first reason for my being. I loved the group movement sessions, everything about them. I am now feeling well, calmer, have a broader mind and have a sense of commitment. It was a great group of people and we had fabulous facilitators.” Kaye

“What a wonderful course- where healing needs to be: soul, mind, body. It is inspirational and needs to be out in the world. The Ph360 platform was great and aligned with my genetic test, so I am super impressed. Amy was very supportive, kind, empathetic and knowledgeable. The MindShift sessions were right up my alley, and reminded me to get off my story and recreate beliefs. It’s fascinating how our stories direct our lives. I am hugely impressed by Morella’s knowledge and intuitive skills to hone in to what the essence of a person. It was wonderful to have a sample of different ways of moving. Everything was positive…the connection, the knowledge, the safe place. “ Kelli

“This course was absolutely life changing. Thank you so much for your insight and your support, I have come away with a great understanding of why I do the things I do and skills to change unwanted habits. Ph360 was interesting and spot on in some areas. The MindShift sessions blew me away. I had no idea how the patterns of my life were all connected till these session. I loved getting out of my comfort zone in the group movement sessions which gave me a chance to move and not be taken seriously. The programme had the right group number, fantastic location/facilities, 2 facilitators who are passionate about changing the world.” Louise

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