“Wow, I have never been more impressed with hypnotherapy! My son, 12, has suffered half of his life from fainting at the sight of blood or even talking about it. One session with Morella and he was completely cured! I can thoroughly recommend her. Thank you again!”

K. Firth

“I was having a lot of undesirable symptoms in my life including difficulties to sleep, very frequent stiff neck and stomach-ache every morning caused by “a ball of anguish”. No medicine ever helped me to overcome/solve this. Someone suggested to see Morella so I started my investigation about her therapy. There was 2 things that made me go to see her 1) She also speaks Spanish so it was going to be easier to explain my issues in my own language; 2) I read a comment that says: “I don’t know what she did but Morella changed my life” and that was exactly what I was looking for. The very first session was the beginning of this change. Morella listened to all my problems and made a plan for me. In the rest of the sessions she gave me all the tools to build up my new lifestyle. The one that I am living now, with no fears to be afraid. Morella, I will always be grateful for everything you taught/showed me. MUCHAS GRACIAS”

Maria S.

“I recently had an amazing experience with Morella! I am a Practice Nurse and giving injections to those with needle phobias can be very challenging for me and traumatic for the patient. At times it is almost impossible. I was required to give an 8 year old patient of mine, who has a needle phobia, 2 injections (one in each arm). Previously it had taken her mother and I 1-1.5 hours to give her a single injection and I was at a loss with what to do to make the experience more comfortable for her. My patient’s mum wanted to try working with Morella. Morella prepared my patient with hypno-analgesia and guided her through an experience (a bit like meditation), while I gave the 2 injections. It was no more than a 7 minute process! I was relieved! my patient did not appear at all stressed during the process. She said she felt the pressure with the first injection but no pain. The second needle, she said she couldn’t feel at all, she didn’t even realise it was happening!
Mum seemed very relieved, we were all amazed at how easy, fast and stress-free the process was. I highly recommend Morella and her hypnosis work. I definitely would like to work with her again!”

Camilla Rombouts

​”Five months ago, I started feeling severe pain in my left wrist and thumb. It was some form of tendinitis (De Quervain’s). I did 2 month of physiotherapy with no success, so I had a painful Cortisone injection. The pain got better for 1 month but then started again, which was very frustrating, and the injection left me with atrophy of the local tissues. Finally, I went to see Dr. Morella Lascurain … I don’t know what she did to me, but after only one session, the pain was gone after two days…. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true… Thank you Morella! You are amazing.”

Tina R

“I came to see Morella because lots of things kept going wrong with the right side of my body. I thought that my body was trying really hard to tell me something but I didn’t know how to listen. Two weeks after the first session I had a dawning realisation one day that I would never have depression or anxiety again. It was quite profound. It felt like that underlying propensity to it had quite simply gone. I was amazed as this wasn’t something I had gone to see her for. After 3 sessions I realised that my right side pains had all disappeared. Sometimes it takes me a while to notice absense so it was one of those moments of it suddenly occuring to me “they have all gone!”. I have no idea how what Morella does works but it really does, in more areas of my life than I imagined. I would totally recommend to anyone who wants to know more about themselves to do this. It has been exciting and created a deep feeling of confidence and peace for me.”

Sarah Lightbody

“At first I was a bit sceptical about Morella using the hypnotherapy technique on me but I decided to give it a go to help my anxiety and hyperventilating. Oh my goodness! I am totally amazed! I have had no breathing/hyperventilating issues since I came to see her six months ago! Amazing, thank you. I am now a believer and have returned for more.”

Rachel M.

“Thank you for making a huge difference! I felt like a completely different person climbing your stairs afterwards than I did coming down, truly. Akin to a kind of revival… I am sure something deep has shifted within me. I have found myself (for the first time in a very, very long time) looking forward to the path ahead of me, as something to be enjoyed rather than something to be endured… I am now already doing my planning with a renewed sense of energy, and more importantly for me, a renewed sense of belief and purpose. I will endeavour to ensure this feeling lasts for a long time and, hopefully, see the results hopefully in the not too distant future. Warm thanks again for your incredible expertise and amazing support.”