Dr Morella helps people get relief from physical illness by using the power of their own minds. With over two decades’ experience in healthcare and her deep understanding of how to train your brain to work for you, you couldn’t be in safer and more experienced hands.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude in medicine in 1993. During her years of practice as a medical doctor, she came to realise that Mind and Body can’t be separated in the way that conventional medicine does. Her search for tools that could help her clients heal from within led her to train extensively in Mind Body medicine, clinical hypnotherapy, strategic coaching, Psych-K, , Ayurveda, NLP, BodyTalk, and more. Dr Morella created Narrative Hypnotherapy by blending the most effective elements of all the techniques she masters to best help you transform your mindset to recover your health. Watch Dr Morella’s videos to learn more…

Dr Morella is a co-founder of Mother-Well Holistic Health, an integral health centre established in 2004 in Mt Eden, Auckland. The clinic gathers a multidisciplinary team offering general medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, naturopathy, osteopathy, homeopathy, Reiki, hypnotherapy and massage.

Dr Morella no longer practices conventional medicine. She does not diagnose, provide pharmacological or surgical treatment to patients, order examinations or give medical advice. Please consult your GP if you require these services.